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Birch plywood is made of turned birch veneer that is glued and crossed perpendicular to each other before being put under high pressure and heat to be pressed into plywood. Before assembly, the veneer is sorted according to its quality, veneers with larger defects (which cannot be used for surface veneers) are those used for the core. The usual standard thickness of the veneer is 1.0-1.5 mm. After hot pressing, the board is polished to the intended thickness and the edges are sawn clean.

Birch plywood

  • Birch plywood can be used for a variety of purposes, such as furniture and interior joinery, decorative and visible building details, cladding (wall, doors, floor, ceiling), toys, speaker boxes, simpler molding, more exclusive packaging, etc.
    Birch plywood is a dimensionally stable and strong board with very good screw strength.

    Untreated plywood is not water resistant, as is the wood it is made of. The board should only be used outdoors if it is treated with water-resistant and for this purpose approved paint or varnish. It is also important to remember to treat the edges of the disc in the same way. Under no circumstances should the disc come into direct contact with soil, soil or water. Wood is a living material where each board is unique. Appearance in the form of color, shades, grain and twig naturally varies from disc to disc. Photos or samples only give an indication of the appearance of the disc and are not representative of all discs.

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