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Molded plywood for easier molding, about 5 times. Formplywood Basic is made of poplar and is coated with dark phenolic film (120 g) on both sides. The edges are sealed with outdoor-resistant brown paint.

Formplywood Basic

  • The board is primarily intended for outdoor use for simple molding, protection, shielding, packaging or cladding (eg in farm buildings, warehouse fittings, vehicle fittings, etc.).

    All raw edges after machining (eg drilling, sawing, etc.) must be sealed with a waterproof paint to prevent water / moisture penetration. Screw heads and the like must also be sealed. With careful use, the board can be reused for molding up to
    5 times. The product's service life depends on how it is handled, cleaned, stored and the quality of the mold oil used.

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