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The board is intended for use in interior spaces with a high moisture load, eg wet spaces. Humidboard 2.0 has high moisture resistance - RF <95% as a critical moisture condition. Humidboard 2.0 is an excellent base for all types of cladding and wet room cladding such as ceramic tiles, plastic carpets, waterproofing systems and painting systems for wet rooms. When using cement-based adhesives or fillers, the board must be pre-treated with primer or similar.

- Wet room board of composite plaster

- For indoor use in moisture-sensitive environments, e.g. walls in wet rooms and unheated spaces.

- Non-alkali resistant, which means that the board must be pre-treated with a primer before applying cement-based products such as. floor filler.

Critical humidity condition is at least 90% RH at room temperature.

Recessed long edges and straight, cut short edges.

- No microbial growth can be detected when tested for SP

Humid Board

  • A moisture-proof and dimensionally stable composite gypsum board for interior walls in moisture-sensitive environments consisting of an impregnated gypsum core with a hydrophobic (water-repellent) surface layer on the front and back. The surface layer has been improved with regard to the working environment and sustainable construction. Significantly less fiber is generated during handling. No microbial growth can be detected during tests and the disc cannot rot or be biodegradable.

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