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MagnaBoard® is completely inorganic thanks to its main ingredients magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate. The MagnaBoard panty liner can therefore not be attacked by mold. The board is made of natural minerals. This means that it does not emit any odor.

MagnaBoard® is produced with the environment in mind. The production takes place through a chemical process where water is added to the material and the curing takes place naturally without heat supply.

MagnaBoard® is open to diffusion and therefore allows the construction to breathe. This contributes to a better climate for other materials and the service life is extended. The foundation must always be kept well ventilated.

MagnaBoard® Trossbotten

  • MagnaBoard® is mounted between the joist beams on supports, which are mounted under the floor joists. The support must have a thickness of at least 22 mm and be dimensioned so that at least 25 mm of the disc rests on the support. The discs are attached to the support with anti-corrosion clamps or screws. The discs are mounted with the short ends "edge to edge" and sealed with tape or disc strip. During assembly, the board is laid with the smooth side down and clamped with a batten that is attached to the joist beams.

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