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K-plywood Wisa-Spruce is made from raw material from northern European spruce, which contributes to a product with high-quality dense fibrous wood. The plywood is made of several veneer layers that have been turned forward and then glued crosswise with phenolic resin glue. The adhesive is water and weather resistant and meets class 3 according to EN 314-2. The veneer is compressed under high pressure and very high heat. The board is plastered on both sides and produced in a surface quality III / III where open cracks and twig holes are allowed.

Plywood K20 / 70

  • Wisa-Spruce is a light and economical material suitable for many areas of use, such as load-bearing structures, walls, ceilings, floors, carpentry, packaging, cladding and protection, etc.
    Untreated plywood is not water resistant, as is the wood it is made of. The board should only be used outdoors if it is treated with water-resistant and for this purpose approved paint or varnish. It is also important to remember to treat the edges of the disc in the same way. Under no circumstances should the disc come into direct contact with soil, soil or water.

    Wood is a living material and each board is thus unique. Photographs and samples only give an indication of the appearance of the disc and therefore do not correspond to color, shades, grain, twigs, etc. in all discs.

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