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At the beginning of the production process, the individual layers in the sandwich sheets are sprayed into the prepared molds (casting and spraying process). First, spray the bottom cover layer on (see Figure 1.1). Via a dosing station, the intermediate layer with expanded clay and concrete is poured on top and distributed evenly and flat. The top cover layer is sprayed on a foil holder and applied to the existing layer wet-on-wet. With the help of the foil, the previously mentioned slightly corrugated disc surface is created.

The cover layers of the boards are reinforced with approved alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric in the form of 5 x 5 mm.
When the Powerpanel boards have hardened, the foil is removed and the boards are removed from the molds. Finally, the discs are transported away for drying. At the end of the production process, the Powerpanel boards are cut to standard dimensions and placed on pallets, after which they are transferred for packaging and delivery.

Powerpanel H2O

  • Fermacell Powerpanel consists of mineral materials that are not flammable and are classified in fire class A1 in accordance with DS EN 13501-1. The discs can withstand persistent temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

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