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High-density wood fiber board impregnated with drying oils, which makes the board water-repellent and provides a higher moisture resistance. Oil-cured board consists of wood fibers that are soaked up and compressed by high pressure and heat.

During the production process, the board is impregnated with drying oils.

As a rule, no additives of glue are needed, but the wood's natural lignin binds the fibers together. The boards can be considered extra allergy-friendly as the formaldehyde content is minimal (same proportion as in natural wood material).


  • Till ändamål där det ställs högre krav på hållfasthet och fuktbeständighet, där en vanlig standardskiva inte riktigt räcker till.
    T.ex. som takboard, beklädnad, slitskikt, emballage, yttertak, golv m.m.

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