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- For external wind protection and wind stiffening.

- Impregnated gypsum core to obtain a lower absorbency and reinforced with reinforcement material in boards with lengths over 3000 mm.

Straight, cardboard-covered long edges and cut, straight short edges.

Designation according to EN 520: EH2

- CE marked.

- Registered in BASTA & Byggvarubedömningen.

Note: The board should not be used for interior cladding, even in wet areas. The cardboard is not suitable for surface treatment with painting, wallpaper, tiles, etc.

    Exterior X9

    • Exterior X-9 is a board with improved moisture and water repellent properties as well as improved tightness and wind protection properties.

      - Wind stiffening and windproof.

      - Water-repellent surface.

      - Red cardboard with straight long sides.

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